Guardian reader Sirorfeo provides some interesting revelations on the initial draft of Great British Values (as photographed through a transparent folder on Downing Street).

THE THIRTEEN BRITISH COMMANDMENTS [… would ‘Common Values’ sound better? G.B.]

– Thou shalt celebrate the day of our patron Saint George every year, come rain or shine, on April the…. [to consult with Culture Secretary]
– Thou shalt lament the rain in the winter, and dread the heat of the summer [… should this be humidity? -G.B.].
– Thou shalt strive for fairness and equality in all walks of public life, via a series of statutory instruments signed by our unelected and hereditary monarch
– Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and inform on him for dog-fouling.
– Thou shalt whinge incessantly about inadequate public services, whilst simultaneously refusing to pay any more tax.
– Thou shalt for thine own safety and security carry ID cards, the data on which will be duly misplaced by an errant contractor.

See the full list of commandments via Guardian

Photo: / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0