Daniilas Galickis.png

We were recently contacted by photographer, Daniilas Galickis. Dan was studying BA Photography at Bradford College and wanted to focus his Major Project on the issue of immigration, and it’s actual effect, on the future generations. The next generation being the dreams and hopes of people who came to this land.

Dan wanted to use some of the practice questions from our study guides in a series of photos on the subject of multiculturalism and citizenship.

Being an immigrant he is particularly fascinated by this country’s identity, including multiculturalism and the ongoing relationship between Britain and immigration, making it an incredibly diverse country that is like no other in Europe or in the world.

For this project he used a large format camera, which is a completely unique working practice in photography: the cameras size contributes to attracting peoples attention, therefore sparking a more intimate visual dialogue between the viewer, photographer and the subject.

He hopes to bring wonder to people who look at it, and think about the country that they live in or their background.

Are names and borders within that space so important to define who we are as people? Is it important to have an identity? Questions that are asked to the viewer are directed to them and the subject selected from the British Citizenship test. Essentially these portraits are of British people by birth who have roots in different countries.

You can see the full set of Dan’s work on our Flickr.